Calculators & Checklists

Project your profits, calculate your costs, and ensure the quality of your ad campaigns with these simple, useful calculators and checklists—each designed to bolster your business's success.

  1. Marketing Solutions Cost Calculator

    Marketing Solutions Cost Calculator

    Estimate the return on investment of your Dex One advertising program with this simple calculator. Just tell us how many contacts you get, how many customers you want, or what ROI you’re expecting from your marketing plan to get started.

  2. Ad Quality Checklist

    Ad Quality Checklist

    Designed to help you attract current and potential customers, these checklists will make sure you have everything you need to publish an effective advertisement. Choose from checklists for digital ads, print ads, or both. And find out what elements you need to tweak or add for the best results.

  3. Break-even Analysis

    Break-even Analysis

    Find out your small business’ break-even point—how many customers you need to cover your fixed and variable costs each month—with this simple calculator.

  4. Starting Cost Calculator

    Starting Cost Calculator

    Estimate your start-up costs and find out whether you have enough money in the bank to support your new company. Just enter your start-up expenses, inventory, and assets and let the calculator do the rest.

  5. SEO Website Analysis

    SEO Website Analysis

    How Findable is your website?  With this tool you can find out where you rank on Google™, Yahoo!® and Bing™, how your website compares with the competition and what keyword phrases people use to find you.


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