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DexOne.com FAQs

Why should I use Dex One’s services?

When you advertise with Dex One, you see results. Just ask our 400,000+ satisfied customers. Plus, for as long as you choose to advertise with us, you get free marketing consultation from our expert team.

How do I get my free marketing consultation?
To get your free consultation, call 1-877-433-9249, contact us, or start online

Besides print directory ads, what can Dex One do for me?
At Dex One, we’re more than print directory experts—we’re marketing experts. We’ve taken what we learned from effective print advertising and built expertise in search engine marketing, websites, reputation building, social media, video, display ads, and reporting. We use that expertise to come up with marketing plans that work for your local business.  Learn more about our marketing solutions.

Can Dex One help my company show up in Google?
Yes! Dex One can help your company show up on a variety of search engines, including Google™. In fact, we’re one of only 15 Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partners in North America.

How do I sign up for Dex One’s solutions?
Get started by calling 1-877-433-9249 or contact us.

How does the Dex One guarantee work?
Available in select areas, Dex One’s Guaranteed Actions Program is customized to your needs. You tell us how many profile views, emails, and calls your business needs and we develop a marketing plan to reach that goal. If your marketing plan isn’t reaching your goals, we adjust it to reach your guarantee at no additional cost to you. For more information, contact your Dex One local marketing consultant or call 1-877-433-9249.

Does Dex One offer marketing classes?
No, but we do offer free marketing consultations, webinars, articles, and educational events.

How do I view Dex One webinars?
Visit our Webinars page and click on the webinar you want to watch. Enter your email address and click Submit. Enter your information and click Submit again. The recorded webinar will be available on the next page.

How do I register for a local event?
Visit our Events page and click Register next to the event you want to attend. Enter your name and information and click Submit. After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with the event information included. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact our team to make sure your registration went through.

How do I report problems with this site?
Please contact our team to report any problems.

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