How to Promote Your Facebook Business Page Through Your Email Signature

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This is the second part in a series of posts on how to to promote your Facebook page in response to questions after our successful Facebook for small business webinar. One way to promote your page mentioned during the webinar was through your email signature.

For starters, an email signature is simply a block of text that will always appear at the end of your message. Different email systems have different ways to do this. In Outlook 2010, for example, you can add a signature through a message. Microsoft Office explains here how to do this.

You can also hyperlink text of your choosing to your Facebook page, or you can add a little icon. Save the official Facebook button below by right clicking and selecting "Save as," then save it to your computer. It's a small size appropriate for an email signature.

Official Facebook button sized for an email signature



If you prefer to work with a larger image and downsize it to your desired proportions, you can save this button.

Large official Facebook icon








After you have saved the icon, in Outlook 20120 you should open a message and under the "Message" tab (indicated by the blue arrow), click on Signature (the green arrow). Select the image symbol (the red arrow). Insert the image.

 Putting a Facebook button into your email signature in Outlook 2010







Next, select the icon (black arrow below), click the hyperlink button (green arrow), then copy and paste the link to your Facebook page into the "Address" area (red arrow). Click OK, and you should be good to go.

 Linking a Facebook icon in your email signature









If you use a system other than Outlook, here's an explanation on how you can link an icon in other systems.

Be sure to tell your staff to include a link to Facebook in their signatures as well -- send them this post so they can do so easily. And check back soon for our next post in this series!


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