How to Promote Your Facebook Page Through YouTube

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Here’s Part 6 in our series of posts on how to promote your Facebook Page in response to questions we received after our successful Facebook for small business webinar. Previous installments included best practices for promoting your Facebook local business page on websites/blogs/newsletters, email, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Currently, you can link to your Facebook page from YouTube in two ways. There's the more official way, which will only link to your personal profile on Facebook, not your business page -- the beginning of that process is represented by the blue arrow in the first picture below. We'll take you through the steps. On the DexKnows Weddings YouTube channel, we prefer a workaround -- you can see the final product below, where the red arrow is pointing. This links to our Facebook business page. First, I'll take you through the blue arrow process for those of you who are your brand and would prefer to link to your personal profile. After that, the red arrow process.

Option 1

Step 1

Go to your You Tube channel page and start by clicking the Edit button (blue arrow).

Linking YouTube to Facebook













Step 2

Then click Connect Accounts by the Facebook logo.

Connecting YouTube and Facebook accounts









Step 3

Click the Connect" button by the Facebook icon and then Save Changes.

how to connect facebook and twitter











Step 4

This is where it gets a little clunky. You now have to get out of edit and go back into it. So select My Channel from the drop-down menu by your channel's name in the upper right-hand corner.

how to link Facebook and Twitter






Step 5

Then select Edit again.

how to link youtube to facebook










Step 6

Next to the Facebook icon, there will be an empty box called Show. Click on it. (Here, it's displaying my name because it's linking to my personal profile, not my business page.) Then click Apply.

linking to your facebook profile page from youtube








Step 7

It now displays a big Facebook button on my YouTube channel that connects to my personal profile page. (After completing this, I disabled the feature because I prefer the second method, which I'll show you now.)

Facebook and YouTube can speak to each other.











Option 2

Step 1

Click that same Edit button in Step 1 of Option 1. Under "Add a new link," you'll see Title. Type in whatever suits you. You can write "Facebook Page" or the name of your business and "Facebook page." Then copy and paste the url of your business's Facebook page. Then click Add.

 How to link your Facebook business page and YouTube













Step 2

YouTube pulls in the Facebook icon and now you have a clickable link to your business homepage. Of note, you can link to whatever you want through this mechanism, so be sure to link to your website, blog, Twitter feed and more. And don't forget to click Apply at the top, as we did in Step 6 of Option 1.

Connecting youtube to your business Facebook page









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