A Tool to Automate Your Social Media Marketing

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A Tool to Automate Your Social Media MarketingAs small business owners struggle to carve out time for managing social media, tools that make the process easier are vital. One such tool is  This online service can help you post information updates (and other "content" such as product or inventory advice, coupons and blog posts) to your social media network, including your Facebook page, Twitter account and LinkedIn profile, plus Tumblr, and others.  Basically, takes your content, creates an RSS feed out of it and delivers it wherever you want it to go. And you can integrate RSS feeds from elsewhere into your social media pages. For example, an auto dealership could integrate blog posts from the popular automotive press.  Customized filters let you grab only the content that contains the keywords and phrases that you've specified.

In addition to distributing content, helps you track customer engagement with your social pages, and — importantly — measures the results. Also, the platform gives you tools to get noticed in search engines, create shortened URLs and target specific places where groups of customers congregate online.  Business owners will appreciate the features that let you schedule updates on your own time. This allows you to trickle out your content at set intervals to avoid inundating your customers.




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