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With Dex One®, your advertising results can be guaranteed. Yes, guaranteed. You can advertise with us, online or in print, at no risk. Just tell us what kinds of results, or actions, you want to see. We’ll develop a program to meet your goals—and guarantee the results. Now that makes good business sense.

  1. Guaranteed Actions

    Your success depends on marketing that works, so you can’t waste time or money on campaigns that don’t get real results. Your phone rings. Emails fill your inbox. Your website is viewed. Dex One is so confident that our solutions will generate actions like these that we guarantee it. Here’s how Guaranteed Actions works:
    • Share your goals—a certain number of actions such as calls, emails, or website visits—with your Dex One® local marketing consultant
    • Your local consultant creates a custom marketing plan that will deliver the actions you need
    • Your local consultant places your advertising message where it will be seen by highly qualified potential customers
    • These prospects take action by contacting you or visiting your website
    • You and your local consultant track your plan’s performance—and the actions delivered—in monthly reports
    • Your local consultant fine-tunes your advertising until your goals are met
    • If your program creates extra actions, they’re free

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    •  Breaking away from the same old marketing tactics
    • Tying your advertising efforts together

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Available in select markets. Placement on the Dex Partnership Network outside of the Dex Proprietary Platforms is not guaranteed. Please ask your Marketing Consultant or call 1-877-433-9249 for more details


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Guaranteed Actions