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Shoppers today check the Internet before they buy. Your reputation on blogs, review sites like Yelp® and Citysearch, and social sites like Facebook and Twitter all influence their choices. Take charge of this word-of-mouth advertising with simple local business reputation management solutions from Dex One.

  1. Reputation Management

    Take control of your company’s online reputation using Dex One’s easy small business reputation management solution. This powerfully simple tool keeps a constant eye on the Internet, looking for mentions of your business and reporting each one to you—so you can check for accuracy, share the good stuff, and respond, if needed. With weekly activity emails and an online dashboard that you can check 24/7, Reputation Management helps you:

    • Track your visibility and popularity on the Web
    • View and update your business information everywhere you’re listed with one click
    • Read and reply to local business reviews and ratings on sites like Yelp
    • Follow and share your social buzz on Facebook, Twitter, and more
    • Spot peaks and valleys in your social buzz so you can take action
    • Compare your reputation to your competitors

    Starting price iconStarting at $65/mo.

    Prices vary by market and product and are subject to change.

    Great for

    • Finding out who’s saying what about you online
    • Maintaining up-to-date information across the Web
    • Acting to preserve your reputation

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See small business reputation management in action

See small business reputation management in action